Our mission is simple - to create positive touchpoints for people to stand up for conservation and climate work.

Animalia is a digital media and apparel company focused on interconnectedness, shared responsibility and intrinsic value of all life on this planet, with an emphasis on conservation and climate work. We focus on positive stories of change and progress both big and small over the negative, albeit very real doomsday scenarios we are up against.  We believe in the value of all life, and that just as no human is better or worse than another because of race, gender, or sexuality, no species is better or worse than another. We are all animals. Through our newsletter, podcast, events (both virtual and in-person!), and merch collaborations, we hope to spread the love and optimism we have for wildlife and the natural world with as many people as we can.  

We do this through:

  1. Our weekly newsletter highlighting key conservation and climate news
  2. Our fast growing podcast which you can find under Animalia on any major podcast platform
  3. Our limited run merch collabs with conservation projects and designers
  4. Our growing community of enthusiasts and supporters we house on Discord, where you can interact with leaders on the ground to discuss various topics and issues.

Our business is a family one, founded by a brother and sister team who have shared a love for animals from an early age.

James paired his background in technology, consumer products, and conservation work with Dana’s background as an artist and fashion designer. Our family team also includes Annalie, a poet and photographer herself who leads all day to day operations and Amanda, another sister of James and Dana who helps guide our apparel business.

The real heroes, however, are our conservation partners. They inspire us each and every day. They have dedicated their lives to working in the field with wildlife and fighting for their rights and needs. Each and every animal on Animalia has a deeply vetted conservation partner attached to it. Please visit Your Impact to learn more about each and every partner. When you purchase any of our products, you are directly contributing to their incredible work.

James Veraldi