The Future of the Asian Elephant

Digital Conference | September 12th - 26th

With Leading Global Elephant Conservationists

More than 100,000 Asian elephants roamed across Asia at the start of the 20th century. 
In 2019, the population has fallen by more than 50% and habitat has shrunk to 85% of its original size.
It is time for us to engage in conversations and take action before it is too late.

Join us on a two week adventure featuring leading conservationists working to protect the Asian Elephant. Eight exclusive digital talks where you will be able to interact and ask questions with speakers as well as interact with other conference attendees as we build a global community of Asian Elephant supporters.

All ticket proceeds go to support Laos Elephant Initiative, a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving critically endangered wild elephants in Laos. Thus, by participating in our conference, you not only get to interact with experts working directly with elephants, you also donate to a critical project helping protect wild elephants in Southeast Asia.

Featured Conservationists

Dr. Andrew McLean

CEO of Human Elephant Learning Programs

Futuristic Elephant Captivity - Applying the 5 Domains Model to The Captive Asian Elephant

Nilanga Jayasinghe

Senior Program Officer Asian Species Conservation of WWF 

The Asian Elephant: An Endangered Icon

Daniel Turner

Founder and Director of Animondial - Bringing Compassion to Tourism 

Has Elephant Ride Boycott Caused More Harm than Good?

Yoganand K.

Regional Lead for Wildlife and Wildlife Crime, WWF Greater Mekong, Laos

Recent Progress in Closing Illegal Markets in Greater Mekong Raises Hope for the Survival of Wild Elephants in Laos 

Will Thomas

Founder and CEO of Animal Doctors International

Adam Kersterholt

COO of Mandalao Elephant Conservation, CEO of Lao Elephant Initiative 

Kevin Schneider

Executive Director of Non Human Rights Project 

Jen Porkorny

Chief Programs Officer at Think Elephants International

Prasop Tipperasert

Cofounder of Thailand National Elephant Insititute

Ticket Tiers

General Admission


  • Access to 8 digital talks with worldwide wildlife conservationists
  • Ability to interact with conference attendees and join our elephant community



  • Access to 8 digtial talks with worldwide wildlife conserationists 
  • Access to our BONUS digital talk, exclusive to VIP ticketholders
  • An I Love Elephants Animalia 100% Recycled Cotton Tee benefitting Lao Elephant Initiative ($50 Value)
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