We're hosting a once in a lifetime experience working to protect green sea turtles in Costa Rica - in collaboration with our conservation partner Latin American Sea Turtles Association and Brick: The Digital Wellness Company, a grassroots phone-free movement. 

From April 19th to the 24th you can be a part of our group of 40 like-minded attendees with a passion for protecting our planet and animals, participating in an off-grid phone-free expedition to a private remote tropical research station on the Costa Rican coast to work with adult female turtles nesting.

We'll be working to preserve the Leatherback Sea Turtle's annual hatching season surrounded by the tropical rain forest and coastal lagoons. Fresh water canals and the tropical vegetation in the area provide habitat for an abundant quantity of birds, monkeys, tamanduas, raccoons, coati, sloths, fresh water dolphins, turtles, crocodiles and iguanas.

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